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The Results are in! FASTer Way is the Most Science Backed App

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In this podcast episode, I welcome Dr. Jacob Wilson, the Founder and CEO of Applied Science and Performance Institute (ASPI), and we discussed a clinical trial conducted on the FASTer Way program.

The study aimed to determine if the program could help participants lose fat without losing muscle. And guess what?

The results were incredibly promising! The program proved to be effective in preserving muscle mass while burning fat and what’s even more fascinating is that he discovered how our lifestyle choices can actually influence our biological age. In just six weeks, the FASTer Way group managed to decrease their biological age by three years!

“I’m thrilled for our FASTer Way community. I’m thrilled for the world, because now we have the most science backed fitness app out there.”

In this episode, you will learn the following:

What clinical trial was done with the FASTer Way

The problem with diets and fitness apps causing muscle loss during weight loss

Negative outcomes of following government-recommended guidelines for a healthy lifestyle

Influence of lifestyle choices on biological age

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